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EVA Glue for Offset Printers

EVA Glue for Offset Printers

EVA Glue for Offset Printers


Luogo di origine: La Cina
Marca: Good Adhesive
Numero di modello: YD-2AB

Termini di pagamento e spedizione:

Quantità di ordine minimo: 100 kg
Prezzo: Negotiable
Imballaggi particolari: 25Kg/Kraft borsa 90*45*12
Tempi di consegna: Entro 15 giorni dopo ordine confermato
Termini di pagamento: L/C, T/T, D/P
Capacità di alimentazione: 500 tonnellata/tonnellate al mese
Descrizione di prodotto dettagliata

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YD-2AB Bookbinding Hot Melt Adhesive with Good Cohesion


Product Description


Material EVA (Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) and Viscosity resin
Appearance Milk white granule
Soften Point ≥82°C (GB/T15332-1994)
Viscosity(180°C) 3500±500mpa·s (HG/T3660-1999)
Peeling Strength(180°) ≥35N/2.5cm (GB/T2790-1995)
Valid Time 12 months(indoor, unexposed to the sunlight, not more than 40 degree)

2AB.jpgproduction flow.jpg


  1. Suggested service temperature 150~170°C, avoid processing upon high temperature (≥180°C) for long time;
  2. Please adjust temperature of adhesive dissolving tank and speed of glue binding machine in time base on different operation status (include environmental temperature, fluidity and gluing time of glue) ;
  3. Clean up leftover and impurity in adhesive dissolving tank regularly;
  4. Do not mix with other glue from different producer;
  5. Avoid using glue that out of season, especial for avoid glue that produces in summer used in winter, as well as glue that produce in winter could not be used in summer.
Packaging & Shipping



Our Services

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Company Information


Zhejiang Good Adhesive Co.,Ltd., established in 1996, specialize in manufacturing, researching and developing hot melt adhesive. Our products cover various applications such as Bookbinding, Packaging, Pest control, Air filter, etc. Warmly welcome cooperation and wish to establish business relationship with you!



Q: How long can we get the samples?

A: We will send out samples within 3 days after order confirmed, and rest time depends on the speed of express company and the distance, totally around 7 days.

Q: Can we palce order below 1,000kgs?

A: Yes, but the unit price will be a little higher than normal since the unit cost of this order rises.

Q: Can you make special packing for us?

A: Yes, we can pack goods in blank bag/carton, and stick paper label writing with what you want. Other special packing depends on the difficulty and cost.

Q: Can we buy through our China office?

A: Of course, please kindly provide us the contact information of your China office.

Q: How can we visit your company?

A: We're located in Tongxiang City, just about 150km away from Shanghai and 65km away from Hangzhou. You can take the train to Tongxiang station or at Hangzhou, we will pick you up.



Other Products

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Dettagli di contatto
Zhejiang Good Adhesive Co., Ltd

Persona di contatto: Lacy

Telefono: +8618858371982

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